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Quick, honest, attentive, and hospitable.Good humored with a driving need to constantly improve and to increase sales.

bartender and waitress

Hello, i'm female and 25 years old and i looking for job as a barkeeper or waitress. I have one year experience.I. . . [more]


Sir, Let me offer you my services as a technician in hotel management. I already have 6 years of experience in. . . [more]


create alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

server/bartender,customer service

I worked in restaurants for 11 years.I was a server and bartender.My job was to provide excellent customer. . . [more]

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Road-building assistent, Bartender, Waiter, Shop-Assistent,...

I'm an ambitious, comprehensive, honest, reliable, kind, friendly, helpful, likeable, with sense of humour. . . [more]


I am a graduate of American Bartenders School I am seeking a bartending position. I am a motivated, responsible,. . . [more]
Results 1 to 8 of 8 CVs